parkrunner Time Cat Grade parkrun Nos of
Non parkrun
Julie GILBERT 24.45 VW55-59 74.90% Treadmill 9
Amanda PERRIN 27.31 VW55-59 67.37% East Lambrook 9
Liz MARTIN 31.54 VW60-64 63.29% Ham Hill 9
Amanda BIGGER 29.04 VW50-54 58.96% Kingsbury Episcopi 10
Sue WHITE 31.54 VW55-59 58.11% Ham Hill 9
Roxane PRATT 34.50 VW50-54 49.82% Curry Rivel 10
Dave GERMAN 53.01 VM80-84 41.77% Curry Rivel 10


Only the hard core of non parkrun runners ran their 5k this week. It was a warm one. 2nd week of Bingo, and Roxane looks like she has a full house. Well done.

IMG 6891IMG 6900


Amanda P ran her 5k and found the same “bingo sheep” that Liz did last week. They even put themselves in the same position for Amanda as they had for Liz! Or maybe this was a game of spot the difference for the report writer??

IMG 6899



Liz and Sue ran together at Ham Hill, a good place for a “room with a view”

IMG 6889 002IMG 6890 002



Dave was out again still being encouraged by the Roxane and Nick’s cheerleading board. Well done Dave.

IMG 6893IMG 6892



Will run Bingo for one more week, come on Julie let’s have a photo, club vest? I am also thinking next week  will be my last non parkrun report. I think as we can now run in social distant groups of up to 6, more of us will be out with friends.

Have a good week, I’m off to find those Bingo Sheep!